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Brayns Technology uses software technology to solve complex problems, by automating complex processes that require little or no intervention from human resource. We create software and software systems, that serve as solutions in various work industries, and even at home — From small applications to Enterprise Software Systems, either distributed or standalone, across platforms.

For Desktop

Applications that are installed on your work or home computer.

For Mobile

Applications that are installed and accessed right from the mobile device.

For The Web

Applications deployed onto a web server, or cloud server, accessible from any platform.



Owned by Brayns Technology, used by everyone. Our Software-As-A-Service apps will help businesses focus on their work, without a need to manage infrastructure .

Cloud Applications

Cloud-based software automatically scale to accommodate new business functions, with outstanding performance on the go. You can focus on growing your business.

Standalone Applications

Software applications can reside, and function independently on your computer, or mobile device, without the dependence on the internet, or another computer.

API Apps

Power your mobile, web, and desktop applications with a common backend, accessed through a common secure API; Different platforms, one backend.

Distributed Applications

Share your application among multiple computers around the world, with uninterrupted access from anywhere.

AI + Machine Learning

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, to automate complex business processes, with no hassle.

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